• Facts:
  • Project name: Trusted Embedded Computing
  • Project acronym: TECOM
  • Project Coordinator: Technikon Forschungs- und Planungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Project start: January 1, 2008
  • Project duration: 3 years

Project is co-financed by European Comission
(under Seventh Framework Programme)


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Project Partners:


Trusted Embedded Computing

Trusted Computing has become an established technology for verification and implementation of integrity and security at personal computers. Similar requirements are also needed for embedded computing platforms which have alike trust and security problems due to the increasing complexity and therefore instability of operating systems and applications as well as connection to the Internet with its security dangers and attacks. Until now the TC standard is mainly targeted for PCs with their large resources of available code space, specific bus interfaces and large computing power which are not available with embedded platforms. As there are a much higher number of embedded computing platforms like PCs in the field, it becomes a necessity to adapt the current TC standard to embedded platforms.




The project will adopt a systematic approach to the development of trusted embedded systems, consisting of hardware platforms with integrated trust components.

Special attention will be dedicated to the following issues:
  1. Trusted hardware, Trusted Platform Module as Very-High-Speed Integrated Curcuits Hardware description language (VHDL) design for embedded platforms, which could be adapted to different host processor systems supporting the trust architecture.
  2. Trusted operating systems mainly based on the new virtualisation/hypervisor architecture which are already in use in the PC world. Adapting such architecture to the specific requirements of small platforms and trusted modules.
  3. Defining software interfaces for implementing easily accessible SW security modules and mechanisms into such trusted systems and working on example implementations.
  4. Trusted protocols: Elementary TC protocols like TSS (Host interface API) and TNC (trusted network connect, an advanced secure communication protocol) will be adapted to embedded platforms.
  5. Typically, specific application examples will give us feedback for the development methodology and interface requirements for the trust functionality and application friendliness.


The consortium includes all important groups needed for all aspects of testing and verification of trust and security protocols. The partners are seated in Austria, Germany, France and Italy.
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